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Welcome to Mirths & Monsters, the podcast that gives you a behind the scenes look at your favorite mythical beasts!  Mirths & Monsters is the 2019 Discover Pods Best Kids & Family Podcast.  Join CK and his furry friends Finn, Rey, Castiel, and Bobby as they investigate ghosts, monsters, and legends from around the world.

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   The Show

Hallo, friends!  Join me, CK, and my companion dog Finn as we take a less than serious look at mythical creatures and legends from around the globe. 


Mirths and Monsters features the adventures of CK and the furbabies as they explore all the different mythologies found at all corners of the world.  Popcorn and Monsters is the story of your favorite classic movie monsters as they band together to stop the evil force that kidnaps and seeks to destroy them!  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on your favorite podcatcher and share it with your friends.


Slainte. To your good health.



Lee May

Producer, Writer, and Host


Best Friend, Explorer, Sandwich Tester

Rey Skywalker

Puny mortal!





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